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Altogether Radical: A Recap of Meiling/Aisling 2015

After Meiling, Aisling Camps and Anthony Reid showed their 2015 collection—stunning, but we’ll get to that later—I asked a question that made things a bit awkward. “So I see you’re moving into a more contemporary place?” I asked. “But my clothes have always been contemporary,” Meiling replied, firmly but politely, causing me to backpedal while thinking[...]

Highlight Reel: Stella Jean on The Coveteur

I love The Coveteur! So imagine my huge lady-wood when I saw that Haitian-Italian designer, Stella Jean was recently featured. As expected, her drool-worthy wardrobe is on, the proverbial, fleek. Catch the highlights: Her dad is Italian, while her mom is Haitian. Woot. Jean is a former model. Makes perfect sense. She has two closets at home, in Ro[...]

Racked is Back!

It seems like every weekend there’s a new fashion event — and we love it. To be fair, Racked isn’t exactly new. Launched earlier in July at The Verandah, it featured fashion and accessories from local newcomers like Adrian Foster and Micha Gomes — a much-needed addition to our burgeoning scene. If you missed it that time, and are a lazy Christmas shopper, do[...]

Tuck in Your Bellies: A Review of Rhion Romany's Domina

"That’s a Rhion Romany design.” Say what you want about his aesthetic, there’s one thing that’s true—it’s instantly recognizable. Debuting for Cropover in 2012, his designs—characterized by a sleekly skeletal, femme fatale look—are now a loved by many. Can you imagine? In only two years, he’s cut through the clutter to become a first choice for Monday on the[...]