Pretty, please...



Kenzie Rose Launches Website

Resident Caymanian designer, Kenzie Rose, revealed her new website to guests at a chic soiree, hosted at the West Indies Wine Company, Camana Bay. The models dotted about the venue wore K. Rose's Fall/Winter 2o15 collection, first seen in April during Cayman Islands Fashion Weekend. The designer - originally from Canada - highlighted the support she received[...]

Love Rules

There's a lot that can be said about love. It can be found in a look, the slightest touch, a boneless chicken roti from Dopson's... the list goes on. Today, love is this dress - soft, whimsical, thin straps gliding teasingly across shoulders... Yuh like dat eh? Get the shopping details below... Floral maxi dress + Moby Dick clutch / PO[...]

Friday Blues

What's easier than slipping into a pair of jeans? It's definitely my go-to - especially when I'm not in the mood to dress up. I tried something different today, though. Enter: the crop top. I don't do crop tops. They all seem so similar and ridiculous to me, but this one... oh, this one... it got me. Long on the sides for a little muffin-top coverage, and[...]

Holiday Hang-Out

I forgot how much I loved public holidays - probably because I didn't have a 'proper' day job before. I get it now. And what a perfect day for a trip Down De Islands! I like this look, simply because it's so easy and chic. Great printed shorts for a little cruise action, and those high slits on the side are just enough drama for a casual lime. Get t[...]